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"For health reasons, I’m gonna have to ask you to strip." (( From Nikki to Kris-- xD ORFromNikkitoKatitdoesn'tmatter-- xDD ))

(( -dead- ))

Kristian turned away from his desk to fix his wife with a rather skeptical look. “Health reasons? …yours or mine?” With a wink, he peeled off his shirt and undid his tie, standing in only his pants -and boxers underneath-and socks.

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❝ Yes, I dreamt of you too. ❞ (( From Vin to Kat~ ))

(( aaaaah—
also I’d have answered this sooner but my lappy is still giving me trouble so Im on my iPod- ))

Her hands clutched the receiver, head bowed slightly; she had been gone for two months, on a man-hunt of sorts. It was nice to hear his voice again - she could feel her heart beating, her blood thrumming through her. “Vin… I…”

'I miss you…'

But the words just wouldn’t come out.

Light Me A Lantern Chapter 12 | FanFiction


yooooo here it is! and there are probably a million mistakes but I’ll fix those when it’s not 1am and almost midterms!

Really though, there’s a lot to love in this chapter. Think of it as me apologizing for breaking hearts in Chapter 11. Enjoy!

I love and hate you all at once but it’s okay because INUBABY IS OKAY. ouo
—also wow jfc this story is an addiction- ;3;


‼ - real name?

✺ - eye color?

✁ - hair?

☿ - zodiac sign?

☃ - tall/short?

❅ - any sports?

✈ - hobbies?

❤ - single/taken?

ツ - any pets?

☂ - favorite season?

✐ - fave types of movies?

❣ - how would it be your ideal date?

☣ - phobias?

☠ - fears?

✘ - hates?

° - ever were close to death?

♧ -..... on drugs?

♠ -.....smoked?

♦ -.....had alcohol?

❥ - sexual orientation

♚ - favorite eye color?

♛ - favorite hair color?

♪ - music you like?

✌ - favorite bands/ singers?

♒ - fave animes?

❦-.fave characters?

✿ - fave kind of clothing?

ღ - mottos?

✬ - photo of me?


aayyyeee I’m bored so I’m going to be on Omegle roleplaying for a bit. My tags are Inuyasha and InuKag duh

come provide me with entertainment

wow and then you should totally screencap the best ones— ;D


i hate when people make fun of me for trying to be positive and spread good vibes like fuck your bitter ass i spent a good portion of my short life being bitter and angry and suicidal if i want to shoot sunshine out of my ass then i fucking will